About Chista

The name Chista is an Iranian goddess who in Avesta means science, knowledge, wisdom and cognition. Chista is also known as the owner of good and informative ways and the guide of good ways. That is why he is also known as the god of knowledge. White, always as a seeker who learns, gets challenged and goes further and moving forward

Research and Development

Our R&D engineers develop breakthrough technologies that change the way the world works and industries do business

About Team

The Chista team has formed members with different perspectives, experiences and expertise, who are interested in looking for the best solutions to solve the problem; Those views are different from the shared interest and the intimate relationship between members of the Chista as a team, meaning that each issue has seen from many different angles. The study is discussed and tested, and the final solution – which usually contains high amounts of creativity – is the answer that has been approved by many different perspectives.

Meet our Team