About Us

The Chista Technical and Vocational Training Complex was established in 2012 by Mr. Reza Ghasemi. It has official permission from the country’s technical and professional organization affiliated to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Chista’s school has been operating in electronics, mechanics, mechatronics, artificial intelligence as fully functional and skill-driven and capable of producing a valid and certification of the country’s technical and professional organization. During the years of its work, Chista has trained many students at different age categories and is making a way to the job market and the university. So far, a large number of trainees and alumni are trained in various disciplines with a view to fully acquainted with their field of interest in the school providing computer sites with suitable hardware and software facilities, also, the environment for testing the robots is both hardware and simulation as well as taking advantage of qualified staff and training and quality training to empower the trainees of the most important benefits of the Chista school. Chista has conducted training courses with the best quality in the most appropriate time.