Warehouse Robot

Beginning of the robot’s activities in the field of infrastructure, nowadays made it possible to do things that had already been impossible, or let the things being done as it is going on today. Among them, we can refer to the establishment and expansion of large factories and development of the ongoing production lines in the industrial process, the key component of which is warehousing. So that the progress that we are witnessing today in the industry is fully dependent on and indebted to the development of the new methods proposed in the warehousing process.

Due to the importance of warehousing in all industries, we are to hold a League of “Warehousing Robots” to be assimilated and practiced in the real environment in order to take a fundamental step towards developing the storage automation from the very moment of registration, up to the transportation, displacement, and removal from the warehouse.

The robots in this League, are obliged to automatically control the goods from the moment they have arrived, registered, transported, moved, stored and getting out of the warehouse during separate missions and finally return to its starting point in order to put the thing in order at the warehouse after accomplishing each phase of the mission.

Chista Robotics Group has participated in these competitions in order to advance its training goals in 2019 due to the familiarity of its trainees with the use of image processing, the Vision Machine in mobile robots. It is taking new steps with the ever-advancing science of learning for its trainees.